Based upon market demand and customer requirement, we produce and sell our products around China and export to Western Europe and North American.
Our products are in three categories as follow:
1. Automotive parts: roller tappets conforming to a serial emission standard for diesel engine tappet and oil pump;
2. Heating system (a series of B3 heat exchangers, stainless steel heat exchangers, pin type heat exchangers, hot water tank, etc) featuring high performance, high efficiency and environmental friendly characteristics;
3. Other products: various sand/metal mold casting, low/high pressure casting, gravity casting parts, EAS anti-theft system, etc, which mainly export to Western Europe.


Automotive engine parts

Guided by market, the company seizes development opportunity with emphasis on key project while actively introducing advanced equipments required by TS16949 to ensure production capability and meet customer requirement. In China we are the first manufacturer who has successfully developed tappets conforming to EuroⅢ, EuroⅣ and Euro V emission standard, we are worldwide technology leader.Tappet series, 68 types in total, consists of valve tappet, CCR, ISL tappet, idler shaft and roller tappet, hydraulic pushrod etc. automotive engine parts, widely used in I type pump, A type pump and P type pump series, which are the new high-tech products. We are the largest domestic tappet manufacturer in terms of production capability and market share.


Heating system

We supply to many large companies in Europe and America, and our products are featured with high performance, high efficiency and environmental friendly characteristics. It is our top priority to develop new and more efficient heat exchanger for new generation heating boiler.


Various aluminum sand/metal mold casting, Low/high pressure casting, gravity casting parts

We are able to produce the casting parts with maximum size of 1000x600x500mm, with thickness range of 3-30mm and weight range of 0.2-60kg, and these castings are 6bar airtight, porosity on critical machined surface conforms to ISO10049 level 01, burst pressure above 70kg in cast condition, dimensional accuracy conforms to CT7. We produce all type of heat exchangers, valve bodies, pipes fitting, housings, connectors, side plates, and cover plates, which mainly export to large companies in Western Europe.


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