The company always attaches great importance to introduction and training of scientific and technology talents. With more than 100 various technical personnel, we have built a stable engineering team specializing in new product development and research. In terms of utilizing talents, individuality and expertise are in careful consideration in order to maximize everyone’s potentialities, with an incentive mechanism in place to fully mobilize enthusiasm and initiative of every employee and strengthen development momentum of our company.


Construction of three platforms:

1.Building an R&D platform comprising of external experts ——The Company invites experts from various universities, research institutes, and overseas with product development experience to guide our company's product R&D and market development, which is enhancing our capability to open up both domestic and international markets.

2.Building a service platform with foreign language professionals —— In light of market development, the company have been recruiting foreign language professionals, while improving foreign language proficiency of existing technical personnel. This is to enhance exchanges with foreign businesses and improve our communication service.

3.Building a platform for training of various professional skills —— We have organized various training programs, aiming to train a variety of professionals with the help of self-training and joint training, which promotes learning, technique studying and skill improvement.


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